Review of Operation Restoration by Kari Trumbo

Welcome to another Frida review. Today I review Operation Restoration by Kari Trumbo

I’m noticing a tendency in my reading choices. I choose books based on covers that appeal to me. Is it just me or are you like that too?

Operation Restoration by Kari Trumbo is no different. I loved the cover. I’ve looked at the rest of the covers in the series, and there are at least two more that would have enticed me to pick it up and give the story a chance. Sometimes, this habit lands me with books I don’t enjoy. Operation Restoration is not one of those books.

The premise of the book is an interesting one. Men, broken by their time in the military, are committed to making a difference in the lives of those around them. While helping others heal, they try to find their own healing. Regret. It shadows all of them, and it’s something I can relate to as a reader.

And the people they’ve chosen to help are in desperate need. As survivors of human trafficking, the people inhabiting the ranch have serious, soul deep wounds. While I’ve not personally come into contact with trafficking, the author does an admirable job allowing the reader to see and feel different aspects of what that life might do to those who were trapped in it.

With such a heavy storyline, you’d expect the book to be weighted down as well. But the author did a great job of keeping the story from veering too far into the darkness. The struggle and the problems were present and played a part in the story without throwing the reader completely into the deep end of human trafficking. I appreciate when authors don’t feel the need to completely cover the reader in the muck of the issue, when they allow lightness and breathing room in their stories.

I enjoyed the setting, and I feel it is fairly unique. The characters were likable, though far from perfect, just like the rest of us. I enjoyed this story and will continue the series to find out what happens to the rest of the guys at the Wayside Ranch.

My review of Operation Restoration: I give this book four stars.

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