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Robbing the Races Review

About the Book

Book: Robbing the Races

Author: Tabitha Bouldin

Genre: ChristianHistorical Mystery, Fairytale retelling

Release Date: July 4, 2023

The Legend of Locksley might just get Robin and Marian killed.

Robin Locke’s career as a jockey is far more successful than he ever expected. When a groom is found dead in the stables, Robin sets out to right the wrongs of Locksley. Unfortunately, Robin’s rival is dead set on proving him guilty!

Marian Silvers sets out to find a once in a lifetime story that will ensure her career as a reporter withstands the masochistic attitudes of the paper where she works. As she and Robin dig into the groom’s murder, she finds another side to the legend of Locksley…a side he would prefer stay hidden forever.

While the murderer wreaks havoc in their small town, Marian and Robin find that all is not as it seems. And then they become the next targets. They just need to evade the killer long enough to bring him to justice… and perhaps find love along the way.

This 1940s Robin Hood retelling features swapped character roles and a race against the clock

MY ROBBING THE RACES REVIEW: I have to admit, other than the Disney cartoon and the movie from 1991, I don’t know a lot about the Robin Hood original story. Come to think of it, I’m not sure either of those knew a lot about it either. So, I can’t tell you if the author kept true to the character of Robin Hood or the themes of the original.

I know there is supposed to be animosity between Robin and Nottingham. I can put a big fat check on that one in Robbing the Races. Robin and Marian are supposed to have chemistry with each other and be in danger. Another check. And Robin is supposed to be a thief who steals from the rich to take care of the poor. Bouldin’s Robin checks that box too.

But beyond the facts of the original material, what I can tell you is that Tabitha Bouldin, once again, delivers a great story. I don’t think I’ve ever read a story about horse racing, but I’m glad I had the chance to read this one. I loved the interactions between Robin and Marian. I loved the mystery. I also loved the way their histories shaped each character’s decisions and how they could inspire each other to be better people. The heroes weren’t perfect, but I can get behind that. How often do we make mistakes because we think we have good reason?

I give Robbing the Races five stars.

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About the Author

Tabitha Bouldin is a student at Southern New Hampshire University, where she is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s in Creative Writing. As a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), she works with critique groups and provides endorsements for other authors. Tabitha’s genre of choice is Contemporary Christian Romance which she describes as: Adventure with heart. Tabitha spent ten years working as a Medical Assistant before God opened the door which allowed her to become a stay-at-home-homeschooling-mom and author.


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As a kid who grew up with Disney films, the Robin Hood cartoon fascinated me. I wanted to know what made Robin Hood such a cavalier thief. I understood his mindset of “steal from the rich and give to the poor” but why did he need to steal?

My uncle David had a saying for years. He’d say, “Steal from Peter to pay Paul and David stays broke.” What he meant was, no matter how hard he tried, he never managed to get ahead in life. Uncle David had a saying for everything and they always made sense in a convoluted sort of way.

In Robbing the Races, I didn’t want to try and persuade Robin that he had a right to steal, I wanted him to have a reason to think it was okay, then show him otherwise. I love heroes who need a little nudge back onto the straight and narrow. Robin sees families suffering, and when he can’t provide for them himself and he sees others who have an excess of money, he decides to take it to help the less fortunate.

Kind of like the two wrongs don’t make a right, Robin learns that his version of justice might help for a moment but that does not excuse his actions. He’s still wrong.

Robin is not the most forgiving character, but he was certainly fun to work with.

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    Thank you for sharing your review of Robbing the Races, this sounds like a story that I will enjoy reading myself

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    Fairy Tale retelling are always a mixed bag. This one, however, looks promising and deserves a read. Thanks for hosting.

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    Loving the cover

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    sounds so interesting