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Kaitlyn Daniels Main Character MondayWelcome to Main Character Monday where today’s guest is Kaitlyn Daniels from Romance at Register Five by Amy R. Anguish. Romance at Register Five and Kaitlyn are from a new novella collection, Love Delivered, releasing on February 14th. It’s available for preorder now, and I’ll include that link after we chat with Kaitlyn.

Good morning, Kaitlyn. Let’s start off with the basics. Tell me a little about yourself?

Well, I’m not that interesting, really. I’m Kaitlyn. Normally I am teaching elementary school, but I moved during the school year, so I’m supplementing my mom’s income right now by subbing and working for the Grocerease app. Just your normal, average girl.

I don’t know about that. I think it takes a special kind of person to commit to teaching the next generations. You say you’re average, but I know there’s got to be something that grabs your attention. Tell me something about you that readers may find surprising?

It’s my “fault” Grocerease is even available in this sleepy little town. You see, I worked for the app while I was in college, so I knew what a great asset it can be. When my Mom’s MS kept flaring up, I saw a need for her to have access to groceries being delivered. So, I started the petition. And I’m not one bit sorry about it either.

I’m sure there are many in your town that are thrilled their need caught your attention through your mom’s struggle. There are so many out there who do find it difficult to take care of the necessities due to physical limitations. If you could solve one world problem, which one would you solve?

Uncurable diseases like MS and autism. Well, I guess autism isn’t exactly a disease, but you get my point. Health problems that render people unable to go out and do everything they want to do. Definitely.

I figured that might be your answer. It’s touched your life, and that brings it to life in your life. The New Testament tells of Mary and Martha. Two sisters who react to a visit from Jesus in very different ways. Mary chooses to spend time with Him, while Martha chooses to take care of the physical needs. Are you more Mary or Martha?

Ugh. Probably more of a Martha. I’m definitely a fixer and doer. It works well for me most of the time, but not always.

Nothing wrong with being a Martha. As long as we keep our relationship with God growing, He also wants it to be active in the world around us. That’s a Martha. ”Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.” James 1:27 – Do you think living out this verse would make a difference in your life? How?

Like I said above, I try to do things like this already. I love grabbing Grocerease orders for several families who I know are struggling and needing extra help. They might not be orphans or widows, but I think they rank similarly.

I believe you’re right. We can get too tied up in the specific wording and miss God’s points here. Is there a verse of scripture that holds great meaning in your life?

One that’s struck me recently is the one in Matthew where Jesus says, “If you did it to the least of these, you did it to me.” Sort of feel like I’m working on a theme here. Where is that? Matthew 25, starting around verse 34 and going through basically the end of the chapter. When we serve others, we’re basically serving Jesus. I love that thought.

Having a theme just means you’ve got focus. There are some of us that could use a dose of that in our own lives! If you could leave readers with one message, what would it be?

Even though life might not look exactly like you imagined, it doesn’t mean it can’t be amazing. It’s up to you what you make of it. And you don’t have to keep things the way they always have been just because they’ve always been that way, either. Ahem.

Sounds like your views on being open to change may come from personal experience. I have a feeling readers are going to be able to learn more about that in Romance at Register Five. So, we won’t include any spoilers here. Instead, let’s enjoy a few lighthearted questions. If you could buy one thing, without worrying about the cost, what would you buy?

A new car. Don’t get me wrong. I love my little hatchback, but I’d love something slightly bigger. Sometimes, I have to cram those grocery orders in the back!

Speaking of groceries. What is one thing that is always on your grocery shopping list?

Ooh. Hm. I almost always pick up a chocolate bar for myself. Not a cheap one, but one of the creamy, melty ones. Bonus if it has nuts. They’re never actually on my list, but they always end up in my cart. Gotta get through those days of subbing somehow.

I can relate to that. Well, not the subbing part, but the creamy, melty chocolate part. How about giving us a few more of your preferences with some rapid fire questions.

 Apples or Pears? Pears

Indoors or Outside? Outside

Reading or Writing? Reading

And one final question I love to leave guests with, Kaitlyn, if you had only three words to describe Amy R. Anguish, what would they be?

Sneaky, Insightful, Creative

Thank you Kaitlyn for joining us today. Readers, keep reading to find out more about Romance at Register Five and Kaitlyn Daniels on this Main Character Monday.


Romance at Register Five is the first novella in the Love Delivered novella collection from Scrivenings Press that releases on February 14, 2023. From groceries and flowers to baked good and  everything else, each story has the main characters delivering their products or receiving deliveries. And even though they didn’t order it, each one receives an extra unexpected delivery … romance.

Romance at Register Five (Amy R Anguish)—Mack McDonald isn’t happy about the Grocerease app coming to his grocery store. But he’s committed to the sixty-day trial period, and braces himself to lose money. Kaitlyn Daniels loves how the Grocerease app helps her make ends meet so she can assist her mom, the reason she moved to small Sassafras, AR. Mack and Kaitlyn struggle to overcome differing opinions on the perks of the app. But if they don’t, it could keep them from something even better.

Romance at Register Five

You can preorder your copy of Love Delivered at https://scrivenings.link/lovedelivered


Amy R Anguish grew up a preacher’s kid, and in spite of having lived in seven different states that are all south of the Mason Dixon line, she is not Amy Anguisha football fan. Currently, she resides in Tennessee with her husband, daughter, and son, and usually a bossy cat or two. Amy has an English degree from Freed-Hardeman University that she intends to use to glorify God, and she wants her stories to show that while Christians face real struggles, it can still work out for good.

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