Too Quiet: Wednesday in the Word

too quietLast night, it was too quiet in my house.

When I first got married, I couldn’t sleep when my husband was away on business trips. A friend crashed at our house whenever he left so I could get some rest. Over time, I got better about it. As long as the kids were home, I could sleep. They created enough noise that I was able to ignore the other nighttime noises.

Last night was the first night my husband’s been gone overnight since we became empty nesters. I didn’t even attempt sleeping until 1am. It didn’t matter. I didn’t sleep right away. And when I did finally doze off, that’s exactly what it was, dozing. I slept a minute and then woke up. Slept again and woke up again. When the sun came up, I was finally able to fall into a fitful sleep for a few hours.

I’m exhausted.

My problem? When the noises of the day are over, everything is too quiet. Without the television or traffic or anything other normal noises the quiet allows me to hear all the odd noises my brain is usually able to shut out. Every creak of a floorboard. Every tick of the clock. I hear it all, and it keeps me awake. I pray for rain when Andy’s gone. It provides static that blocks everything else from my mind.

But too quiet isn’t always bad. My struggle last night brought Psalm 46:10 to mind this morning. “Be still and know that I am God.” When Elijah waited forGod to speak, he didn’t hear it in the loud storm or fire. It was a whisper when everything was quiet.

I often complain about not hearing God clearly. But how often am I putting myself in a place of quiet so I can?

When it’s too quiet in my home, I’m able to hear what the activity of the day hides. The sounds are always there, but too many others shout louder in my ears. It’s the same with God’s voice. Loud things clamoring for my attention fill my days. They drown out the whisper of God.

I need to find the “too quiet”. When I do, God’s voice will be able to come through loud and clear. Only instead of a restless night that leaves me exhausted, this time of hearing what is too often drowned out will leave me strengthened, refreshed, and moving in the right directions.

How do you create the “too quiet” places in your day to hear God’s voice? Do you have a special place that creates a quiet environment to hear Him?

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  1. Donna says:

    I’m an early riser—the only one in my family that is. In the quiet before the sun’s voice is raised— quiet reigns.