Woefully Unprepared: Wednesday in the Word

Woefully UnpreparedWoefully unprepared.

Can I get this on a t-shirt?

I remember learning to do summersaults under the water as a kid. I loved it. At least, I did until I became disoriented. Beneath the water with my lungs demanding a return to the surface, I twisted and kicked. I didn’t break through the water’s barrier. Was I swimming for freedom in the wrong direction? Fear of the unknown flooded my system. I couldn’t focus or recognize the clues that would lead me to oxygen. If thinking logically were possible, I’d simply stop trying and allow myself to float.

It wasn’t. I didn’t.

Obviously, I finally surfaced since my story doesn’t end with my untimely demise.

I still recall those panicked feelings. The fear that I’d lost my way and had no sense of direction to right myself again. I’ve experienced that same feeling many times since then. This summer of woefully unprepared has left the disorientation, lack of focus, and inability to think logically bubbling under the surface of my life.

Like Peter, Jesus has called me from the boat of what I know onto the stormy sea of the unknown.

While I’ve comfortably worked behind the scenes of a writing podcast, He’s moved me into the uncomfortable territory of participating in the recording of faith and family based podcast. While I’m not the host, even serving as the sidekick brings a few waves to the water under my feet.

Publishing schedules combined with ministry schedules to create a hurricane force wind of deadlines in July. I was already feeling the force of writing outside my usual genre before Covid amped up the wind blowing around me. With a novel to finish, a novella to write, a youth camp to direct, and a VBS to direct all within three weeks of each other, the wind threatened to force me under the choppy waters.

While the waves crashed under me and the wind whipped around me, the heavens opened up a torrential downpour as I faced a business decision with the potential to affect my  life in the personal, professional, and ministry spheres. It held the potential to bring great blessing or be to my detriment. I prayed. Trusted the answer. Then, I took another step into the unknown as thunder crashed overhead and lightening split the sky.

My decision propelled me into a world I’m currently woefully unprepared to handle. There is so much to do and learn to enable the venture’s success. I’m not even sure the starting point, but I must begin.

Then, again, I remember Peter. Nothing about the fisherman’s life prepared him to step out of the boat. There was not one reason to believe his venture onto the stormy sea would find success. He was, as I am, woefully unprepared. And as long as he focused on those earthly facts, Peter had no ability to walk on water.

But Peter did walk on water. He didn’t have to have the answers. His success didn’t depend on his ability or training or talent. Peter walked on the water when he relied on Jesus’ power and leading.

As I go forward in this unknown new journey, I’ll be a faithful steward of my path. I’ll learn what I need to learn and listen to those who have come before. I will seize every opportunity to grow in my knowledge of subjects needed for success, and I will put my heart into my work.

Even as I do those things, I will strive to remember it’s not my preparedness that will bring ultimate success. It is relying on Jesus’ power and leading that will bring success as I step out of the boat and onto the stormy sea.

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