What I’m Reading: Undeniably Yours

Purpose. Don’t we all hunger for it? We ache to know we are here for a reason and live out that purpose with everything in us. God promises we are here for a reason. Jeremiah 29:11 assures us God has plans and purpose for our lives. Several places in the New Testament remind us we’re here to be a reflection of God’s love to the lost, to be ambassadors of the God we serve to a world that’s often hostile to Him, and to encourage and build the body of Christ.

These things are for each of us as believers to live out. But what about the specifics in our individual lives? I can serve God and show love whether I’m a teacher, astronaut, or garbage collector. Does that mean the broader purpose for every believer is all that matters in our lives?

I don’t think so. Psalm 139 tells us we’re all uniquely created by God. He gives us passions and interests that can point us in the direction He wants us to go. For me, that means writing and speaking. I can serve Him faithfully, and I hope I do, even when I’m working the day job I’ve needed for my family. But I know the most satisfaction when I’m doing what He’s given me passion for in the way He created me to do it.

I believe this is why Meg Cole, from Becky Wade’s Undeniably Yours, struggles so much through the events in the story. Meg’s been given the world as the sole inheritor of her father’s oil empire. She has the funds to do whatever she wants, but she feels confined by the demands of a profession she never enjoyed. Is there a way to escape into a life she can pursue with passion?

Bo Porter may not have an oil empire, but he’s happily living a life he loves as a the manager of Whispering Creek Ranch’s racehorse farm. At least he’s been able to until Meg takes the reins of his employer’s empire and decides the ranch is the last thing she needs to invest in.

Though born and raised in the same town, Bo and Meg come from different worlds. One fights for the freedom to continue living his dream. One struggles to find the dream that will bring passion into her life. Seeing what they need in each other, they can’t deny their attraction, but they can fight it. Their differences are more than enough to keep them apart, and they know it. And when the mistakes of her past come back to haunt Meg, even thoughts of friendship are abandoned.

Undeniably Yours is an enjoyable, easily read story that leaves readers wanting more of Whispering Creek Ranch and the people who live there. And it’s a great reminder to consider the passions God has given us and how He might want us to use them as we live each day for Him.

Are you Meg, searching for the thing that will add passion to your life? Or are you Bo, in a profession you’re passionate about and loving it?


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