It’s always a pleasure to spend time with people who share your passions. Since the By the Book blog is the place where a love of God and good books meet, I’m guessing you share my love of reading, faith, or both. Whatever the shared interest is between us, I’m happy you’re here.

Be sure to check out my blog page. The “What I’m Reading” posts are reviews of the books I’ve recently read. You can also find “Main Character Monday” interviews with the main characters of some of those books. And if you like to know a little more about the authors themselves, my “Full of Character” interviews give you a little peek into their lives. “Write Stuff Wednesday” posts often include a quote and how it relates to the reading or writing life.

If faith is what brought you to my page, you’re still in the right place. Though some of the book reviews may be simply clean reads, most of them are faith based. Several of my posts naturally lead into a devotional thought, but you can also look for the “By the Book” moments at the end of some of my posts. This is where the love of God and good books meet!

Whether faith or books brought you, I hope you’ll grab a cup of cocoa (Tea is fine too, or coffee if you must!), find a comfy chair, and take time to relax as you scroll through By the Book. And if you get time, I’d love to hear from you.

  Happy reading and blessings in your faith walk!

Portrait of Heather Greer

Heather Greer