The Girl with Fire in Her Veins: What I’m Reading

The Girl with Fire in Her VeinsWhat I’m reading today is The Girl with Fire in her Veins by Dawn Ford. Actually, I’ve finished reading it, and today, I’m telling you all about it. Minus spoilers, of course.

The Girl with Fire in Her Veins is YA Fantasy. Don’t let that keep you from reading it. I’m a few years removed from “young adult”, but I still enjoyed this story. The second in her Firebird Series, The Girl with Fire in Her Veins recently passed the first round of judging for the 2024 Realm Awards. Being named to “the Long List” is an honor in itself. I congratulate Dawn and hope the best as she waits to find out if this book is named as Finalist.

In this continuing story, Tambrynn is learning to control her firebird abilities. The task is hampered by those intent on doing harm to the people of the land for their gain. Not the least of which is Tambrynn’s own father, an evil mage, seeking to destroy all the Kinsman has made. This includes Tambrynn, her Watcher, and her grandfather who stand in his way.

I love the depths the author has gone through to deliver a world that is complex and filled with variety. As a reader, I can tell she’s given great thought to the different types of people and creatures in her fantasy world. They have full mythologies that give readers insight into their actions. The land itself is also well laid out for readers and easily imagined in detail. These make reading this story a pleasure.

While it was not what kept me turning pages, the relationship between Tambrynn and her Watcher (established in the first book, so no spoilers here), was well-written and peppered in throughout the book without becoming a distraction from the real heartbeat of the story. As for the rest of the characters, I thought they were also well done. There’s enough conflict in them to keep you guessing as to their movies, just like in the real world. Readers will cheer on the good ones and find themselves wishing they could intervene in the evil the villains are intent on causing.

The Girl with Fire in Her Veins is a great fantasy story, and I can’t wait for book three to release this year. I give it five stars.

If you’d like to know more about the Firebird Series or Dawn Ford’s other books, you can find them here: Dawn’s Website

Purchase The Girl with Fire in Her Veins here: The Girl with Fire in Her Veins

To pre-order the third book in the series, click here: Pre-order The Girl with a Dragon’s Heart

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  1. Dawn Ford says:

    Thank you for your review, Heather! I’m so glad you enjoyed book 2 of my Firebird series. The last book was really fun to write, and the story took on so many twists! My only hope is the reader has half the fun reading about Tambrynn’s journey as I have writing it.