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Faith Moves MountainsLet’s welcome Faith Elaine Caldwell to today’s Main Character Monday interview. Faith is from Jenny Carlisle’s newest book, Faith Moves Mountains which released on January 31, 2023 from Scrivenings Press.

Welcome, Faith. It’s good to have you here today. For those who may be unfamiliar with you, will you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am the oldest of three kids. I have a sister, Hope and a brother, Junior. We live in a great medium sized town, Crossroads, Arkansas. I have been riding horses and competing in barrel racing since I was small. These days, I work as a CNA at the local nursing home. I intend to keep advancing my nursing career until I am an Oncology Nurse Practitioner.

That’s a wonderful goal. Great nurse practitioners are always needed, and I’d think that’s especially true in Oncology. Is there anything readers may find surprising about you?

At the First and Only Rodeo Queen pageant in our town, I was selected Miss Rodeo Crossroads, and my cousin Kayla won Miss Teen Crossroads.

What is your favorite Bible verse and why?

I don’t have just one favorite verse, but I have a favorite word that I’ve only heard in the Bible, Selah. It’s used a lot in the book of Psalms, and my dad, who is a pastor tells me it means “pause and listen.” That’s something I need to be reminded to do. I repeat this word to myself over and over when I’m getting too stressed and overwhelmed.

I think a lot of us could benefit from applying Selah to our lives. Is there a person from the Bible that you relate to most?

I try to model myself after Jesus’s good friend Mary, instead of her sister Martha. My sister Hope is the organizer, the one who remembers all of the details and keeps the family in line. She’s like Martha. I want to be the one who spends more time listening to Jesus, soaking up everything He has to say. I guess I need a little bit of Martha in me, too. But, when I remember to pause and listen, I can be like Mary.

There’s nothing wrong with a balance. The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Is there one of these characteristics you find is easier to show than the others?

Kindness comes easy for me. My mom and dad raised us to treat everyone the way we want to be treated. I love spending time with the residents of the home I work for, doing whatever is needed to make their day brighter. I’m especially partial to the veterans. They sacrificed so much for us, and they deserve all of our respect.

I have to agree with you on that point. Is there one that is more challenging than the others?

Definitely self-control. I know what I should do, and what I’m expected to do as the daughter of a minister. But, that can be pretty boring. There is a great big world that I’ve never experienced, and sometimes it’s hard to take things slow.

If you could give one message to those reading this interview, what would you tell them?

Can I have two messages?

Sure. We don’t really stick with rules on our Main Character Mondays, Faith. Feel free to mix it up.

First, don’t stop trying to find the balance between  trying new things and doing what you know is right. Second, There is no use trying to run from your past. God knows all about you, and loves you anyway.

While our Main Character Monday interviews have a serious side, we like to see the fun side of our guests too. So, Faith, get ready for some fun questions and some rapid fire questions. 

If you could visit just one place your entire life, where would you go?

Paris, France. We have a Paris here in Arkansas, and I love to go there when I can, but maybe someday I could visit the real one. That would be amazing.

If you could choose one talent you don’t already have, what talent would you choose?

Picking up on what someone is thinking, or what secrets they might be hiding. I think I’m a little too gullible.

Dark or Milk Chocolate?  

I should say dark because it’s healthier. But milk chocolate is so good. Sweet, gooey, luscious. Yum.

Beach or Mountains?

I love the mountains. I could spend hours and hours just sitting on top of a mountain, drinking in the view.

Sweet Tea or Lemonade?  

Sweet tea, all day everyday.

If you had only three words to describe Jenny Carlisle, what would they be?

Ms. Jenny is patient, un-predictable and adventurous.

I want to thank Faith Caldwell for joining me today for a Main Character Monday interview. I’ve enjoyed learning more about Faith and can’t wait to read her story, Faith Moves Mountains by Jenny Carlisle. Readers, stick around. We have more about Faith and Jenny for you.


More About Faith Moves Mountains: 

Faith Moves MountainsJohn Kennedy (John K.) Billings has spent his whole life living up to his hero inspired name.
Now, back from a traumatic incident in the military, he finds himself running from the fact that he is only human, with real-life struggles to overcome. Faith Caldwell feels free to pursue her own dreams now that her family’s regularly scheduled rodeo has ended. After helping care for her cancer-stricken mother she is determined to bring big city medical expertise to small-town Arkansas. While trying to prove she can fulfill her dream on her own, a new admirer seems determined to pull her down. Both enjoy the idea of seeing more of the world, but find their hearts are still tied to the mountains of Arkansas, and the people who live there. Can these lifelong neighbors help each other face their weaknesses while following God’s plan for their lives?

Get your copy here:

More about Jenny Carlisle:

Jenny has been writing stories since she learned to hold a pencil. She retired from a career in Human Resources for the State of Arkansas. She was a long-time columnist for Ouachita Life magazine, and two collections of her inspirational articles have been self-published. She is past president of American Christian Fiction Writers – Arkansas Chapter and past president of Saline County Preservation, Inc. Her first fiction project, “Hope Takes the Reins” released from Scrivenings Press in March of 2022 and the second book in the Crossroads series, ”Faith Moves Mountains” released January 31.2023. She and her husband, James live in Benton, Arkansas where they worship with a service-oriented congregation of the
Church of Christ. They are the parents of three married children and eight grandchildren. She enjoys substitute teaching in middle school, junior high and high school classrooms.

Connect with Jenny:

Jenny McLeod Carlisle – Seeking, Waiting, Walking (

Jenny McLeod Carlisle | Facebook


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