Beyond the Gates Review

Beyond the GatesBeyond the Gates is the new dystopian novel by Erin Howard that released on Tuesday. Available in ebook and paperback from Expanse Books.

My review:

Rule keeper or a rebel? Beyond the Gates by Erin Howard reminds me blindly following our world’s leaders without question can be a dangerous thing. This is especially true when their decisions and priorities are counter to God’s Word. It’s a slippery slope that can lead into situations God never intended us to face. Too often, circumstances are more complex than they appear, true motives hide from view, and worldly power corrupts as easily as it has since the beginning of time. Maybe times exist for both the rule keeper and the rebel.

Renna has always played by the rules, and though she doesn’t necessarily like them, she doesn’t really question them either. At least, she doesn’t until she finds herself locked out of the gates that surround her city. With no knowledge of what lies beyond the gates, Renna clings to the one person who might have answers, Miles. Of course, he’s the reason she’s locked out in the first place.

Dangers exist outside the compound. That’s what Renna has been told all her life. And they do. But as Renna fights for her life, she realizes maybe what she should be afraid of isn’t the nightmares from the stories drilled into her people by their leaders. Maybe the situation is more complicated and convoluted than she ever imagined.

With enough twists and turns to keep you flipping pages, enough lies to keep you guessing, and a bit of romance to bring out a sigh or two, Beyond the Gates is my favorite book so far from Erin Howard. And that ending has me anxious for book two!

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