Running Late: Wednesday in the Word

Running LateIt feels like I’m constantly running late. Whether I start getting ready early or hit my snooze button a record number of times, it doesn’t seem to matter. Something happens. I get behind.

My daughter bought me a t-shirt for Christmas a couple years ago. It’s a beautiful, bright blue color that instantly makes me smile, but that’s not the important part. The company that makes the t-shirt creates literature related products. This shirt has the image from the cover of The Poky Little Puppy on it.

Do you remember those Little Golden Books? Poky Little Puppy is one of those. And one day when I was wearing it, my husband turned to me in great seriousness and said, “I never knew a t-shirt could be prophetic.” I didn’t think his humor was very funny. A bit true, maybe, but not funny.

Whether it’s lost keys, lost shoes, or a lost purse (perhaps I should work on not losing things), I fall behind. If it’s an early morning, I simply don’t go at full speed. It takes me a bit to get fully awake and productive. I move at my own pace, and there are times when that means I have to rush in other areas to arrive on time.

Running Late

I was reminded of my own tendency to run late as I read these verses in Habakkuk this morning. Though at times it seems like God’s help isn’t going to arrive on time or His answer won’t make it before I have to make a move, nothing could be further from the truth. Even as I look at the chaos of the world around me and anticipate His second coming, I have to remember God is always on time.

It may seem like God is running late with answers, provision, strength, or whatever else I need. But He isn’t. He doesn’t. God’s a much better time keeper than I am. He knows the perfect time for everything. And that is precisely when He delivers.

Is there a verse you use to remind yourself God is always perfectly on time?


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  1. Donna Stearns says:

    It’s in Hebrews. I think chapter 12. It says, He will come. He will not tarry.