Managing the Time: Wednesday in the Word

Managing the TimeManaging the time takes on a whole new meaning with kids. My friend’s baby starts kindergarten this fall. My baby is hoping to start SEMO this fall and move into the dorms. His first taste of living on his own.

But I remember his kindergarten year. I was just looking at pictures of one his first field trips a couple of days ago. Raising four kids, I’ve experienced my share of firsts along with them. On the other hand, I’ve also had my share of lasts. Last fist day of school, lost tooth, Nerf gun battle birthday party, time making costumes for trick or treating, and last high school graduation.

James is right. Life is like a vapor. It passes by so quickly. My twenty-fifth wedding anniversary is this month. Most days it doesn’t seem possible that I’m old enough for twenty-five years of marriage. Where have those years gone? What have I done with them?

Since I can’t do anything about the past, I guess the better question might be what am I going to do with the ones I have left? How will I manage the time from this day forward?

Five year plans are great. Everyone should have goals. But what about the day to day?

If God knows the plans He has for me (Jeremiah 29:11), if I’m created for good works (Ephesians 2:10), and if Jesus went about His Father’s business as an example to me (Luke 2:49) shouldn’t I seek those things in my life each day? Shouldn’t I be seeking out God to allow Him to manage my time?

I’m not saying we shouldn’t ever take breaks. God gave us the example of work/rest balance in taking a day of rest after creation. Whether your rest is hiking, gardening, crafting, or napping, we all need to take care of our physical bodies to be able to be about our Father’s business.

But in what I do each day, am I being a good caretaker of the life God’s given me? Do I consider the ministries He’s blessed me with and how I might best use my day to serve Him by serving others in this way? Do I allow the Spirit inside me to guide me in how I spend my days?

Managing the time I’m given in the best way is important to me. Sometimes that’s easy. Other times, it’s a fight against my worst personality traits to stay on task. When I notice this happening, I can take a moment to consider the business God has asked me to be about, pray for His strength and guidance, and refocus on the task at hand. As long as He gives us days, we have the opportunity to give each one to Him with a little more diligence than the one before.

Do you consider God’s business for you in managing the time you’re given? What practical steps do you take to make sure you’re being a good steward of your time?



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