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The Gatekeeper's Descendants

About the Book

Book: The Gatekeeper’s Descendants

Author: Johanna Frank

Genre: Christian/Fiction/Fantasy

Release date: September 2021

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00024]ONCE UPON A TIME, THERE WAS A CURSE

Hesitant to enter the kingdom, spirited and stubborn Pipiera grudgingly accepts a task to save a fledgling earth-dwelling boy, Matthew, from sabotaging his own future. Challenged with the pull of an obsessive emotion from her past life, she’s unequipped to handle the mission, let alone discern the perplexing interference from a rebel–an unearthly soul who takes great interest in both she and the boy and who relentlessly seeks to capture their affection.

As Matthew’s world spins throughout the cosmos, his mother’s world churns at his bedside while she awaits an unknowing outcome.

Who overcomes?

Who ends up cursed forever?

The Gatekeeper’s Descendants is an easy-to-read, thought-inspiring fantasy. The story weaves together adventure in the afterlife with growing faith and family drama.


MY THOUGHTS: I thoroughly enjoyed the characters in the story and the way their seemingly separate lives intersected and impacted the others. It’s a great reminder that what we say and do has consequences we may not begin to imagine. Each character was unique in their personality and how their experiences helped shape their decisions. The author also did a wonderful job describing the various places in a way that makes them real to the reader.

While it doesn’t affect my rating, I do want to point out this is a fantasy story with a faith element. There are strong principles presented that coincide wonderfully with scriptural faith, and I mentioned some of those above. However, the ideas that one can change their eternal fate after their death and that babies are heavenly beings that have accepted earth assignments are presented in the story. The only reason I mention this is so parents can wisely choose whether their reader is able to understand these types of fantasy story elements are not necessarily truths you can glean from the story for an understanding of how faith and salvation work in real life.

I enjoyed the story, though there were times we jumped from one person’s point of view to another and back again without a scene or chapter break and only for the space of a paragraph or sentence. These quick changes interrupted the flow and made it a little hard to follow at times. Still, it was an imaginative story with characters and settings I enjoyed. I give The Gatekeeper’s Descendants three stars.


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About the Author

Back Cover PickTo Johanna Frank, retirement means the freedom to do what she simply loves—bringing family and friends together with good food. But even better is the space to pen creative, inspirational fiction; stories she hopes will touch the lives of her readers.

Johanna lives in the Waterloo Region of Ontario, Canada with husband, Joe, cherishing and watching their children and their families as they churn through life and develop into their own wonderful characters.

At the time of publishing, Johanna’s The Gatekeeper’s Descendants was declared a Winner of The Word Guild’s 2021 Word Awards.

The Gatekeeper’s Descendants is Johanna Frank’s debut novel.


More from Johanna

Hey, hello! It sure is a pleasure to be here 😊.

I’ve always believed it’s a gift when others just happen to come into our lives. Sometimes it’s like a drift and ever so brief, maybe even digital. But always, I like to think anyway; it is for a reason. Sadly, we simply don’t see it that way.

That was just one premise for The Gatekeeper’s Descendants. There is so much more to our life journey than what we see and, therefore, what we could possibly appreciate.

According to some translators of ancient Greek (yes, I google the internet a great deal), the term we so often use today to explain chance happenings, coincidence, is derived from the word synkyrian – a combination of two words: sun and kurios. Sun reported as meaning “together with” and kurios reported as meaning “supreme in authority.” So, a chance happening, meeting someone along one’s path in life? …not an accident. The question becomes why.

As far as the story in The Gatekeeper’s Descendants goes, sure, I had a plot in mind. But those wonderful fictional characters came first, and I quickly discovered they had much to say about their own decisions and paths. Important to me was to incorporate realisms: personality traits, emotional challenges, tough situations and simply, life in general. And then place all such realities alongside characters from an ethereal and lively kingdom. Of course, what would a kingdom be without its rebels? This fantasized world in charge of intervening to make chance happenings actually happen, or, interfering to disrupt the course of one’s path? Well, what fun! I totally loved the adventure of writing this novel. But please, be rest assured. Faith is central in my life, and I did my utmost to treat it with great and utter respect.

And you are part of this equation. That is the most exciting part for me: your experience with the read. One reader told me how grateful she was after reading The Gatekeeper’s Descendants for the hope it gave, particularly as it came at such a perfect time—weeks following the loss of a parent. Another said it brought to her imagination the child she lost at infancy and the absolute joyous wonder of her lively existence now. Yet another felt the appreciation of having a chance at feeling a troubled teen’s point of view and the potential of very real battles that are not always visible. As one reviewer put it, “this is a story that has something to impart to even the most cynical among us.”

Without readers, writers simply wouldn’t have much purpose. So, a heartfelt thank you. I hope you will give The Gatekeeper’s Descendants a chance even if it is a diversion from your normal genre.

I would absolutely love to connect and hear your experience with the story!

And may you journey well!

Johanna Frank

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  1. Rita Wray says:

    Sounds like a good book.

  2. Emma says:

    This sounds like an interesting story!

  3. Bea LaRocca says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this book, I prefer the multiple view point pov myself so this sounds like a must read for me

  4. Sarah L says:

    My niece would like this book.
    Thanks for the contest.

  5. Eva Millien says:

    The Gatekeeper’s Descendants sounds like a thrilling, exciting and edge of your seat for me to enjoy! Thanks for sharing it with me! Thanks, Heather, for sharing your thoughts! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

  6. Eva Millien says:

    The Gatekeeper’s Descendants sounds like a thrilling, exciting and edge of your seat for me to enjoy and I like the cover! Thanks for sharing it with me! Thanks, Heather, for sharing your thoughts! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

  7. Johanna Frank says:

    Thank you for the review Heather and to all who made a comment! All fun to read. If you decide to give The Gatekeeper’s Descendants a chance, I hope you enjoy the read and I would love to hear your thoughts. (I placed my email in the back of the book). Very thankful for book bloggers and their followers 🙂 Blessings to all.

  8. Megan Allen says:

    Thank you for sharing!