Put on Love: Wednesday in the Word

Almost before my day began, I had to choose whether or not to put on love. My adult son asked me to pick up a generator for him. We’re expecting bad weather, and his reptiles cannot survive a power outage. We found one, and I was supposed to make the purchase while he was at work.

Too bad the one we found was too small. It wouldn’t run the heater and lights his animals need.

I had a choice. Put on love and spend my morning scouring the internet and calling local places to see if I could find a reasonably priced generator large enough to handle their needs, or I could tell my son he was out of luck.

I put on love. After searching every store within an hour from our house, I finally found one. It was more than they wanted to spend initially, but his wife approved it. They wouldn’t hold it for me, let me pay over the phone, or allow an online purchase. If I wanted the generator, I had to drive almost an hour and hope it was still in stock when I arrived.

I had a choice. Put on love and get in the car, or tell my son he’d have to figure it out himself. I chose love, even though the rain had already started and the cold air caused my earache from the previous night to worsen.

I got the generator and even managed to get home before the rain turned to freezing rain. It cost me my morning, time to work on my latest book, and a bit of comfort and relaxation.

But I helped my son. I showed him he and his interests are important to me. And I did it by being willing to put on love.

How have you put on love for others? How have they put on love to minister to you?

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