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Meet the Author MondayEach Monday, I interview a character (Main Character Monday) or an author (Meet the Author Monday). Today, I have the pleasure of welcoming author Cindy Bonds to Meet the Author Monday.  I do apologize that my Monday blog is being posted on a Tuesday. I had a website issue yesterday that prevented me from posting. So, without any further interruptions, let’s get started.

What character from the books you’ve written has impacted you more than all the others?

My second novel, Rainstorm, was the first female military veteran I’ve written. Her story is heartbreaking as a soul searching to belong. I was asked to pick a theme in that book and there are so many, I found so many answers as I wrote. Even though it wasn’t my ‘breakout’ novel, I connected with her story on a much more emotional level. God spoke loud and clear, guiding me to different questions in my own faith.

Isn’t it wonderful when God does that in an author’s life? What character you created was the easiest to write? The hardest?

In Hostage, both protagonists- Macy Packer and Kane Bledsoe were embedded in my brain from the beginning of the storyline. They spoke very loudly as I wrote that book! I knew everything about them as the story formed, they were just easy. In my latest novel, Fighter, I struggled with Bexley Bowers. She has this need to be accepted, to find those missing pieces she’d lost in her life. I had a hard time navigating her world and how she would react to the pressures of being damaged and keeping her emotions at bay.

Scripture is full of real people who had character to spare. Which one do you most relate to or enjoy reading about?

Peter. Peter amazes me. He was this strong, full of faith follower of Christ that threatened the soldiers and swore to Jesus that he would never leave. Then he failed. Three times. In a row. Just like Jesus said he would.

In John 21:15-19, Jesus shows His forgiveness when he asks Peter three times, “Do you love me?” Peter was pained at the questions, but simply stated, “You know everything, You know I love you.” It was a moment of realization for Peter that Jesus knew Peter’s heart, knew the future and yet, still ate with him and loved him. As exasperated as we feel Jesus would be seeing us fail, in His awesomeness, He’s also forgiving.

And, I mean, how amazing is it that Peter got to walk on water in the middle of a storm with Jesus?

I love that part of Peter’s story. Do you plan your characters and their backstories before you begin writing or are you as surprised by them as your readers?

I usually have an idea of their backstory and that weakness that threatens their future. I want to plan out those moments of realization and angst and use it throughout the novel. I want my characters to grow and evolve, usually in a way that finds a path to Christ.

Now, the twists and turns of the story, that seems to just flow from somewhere and is almost NEVER planned! I rarely have moments where I say, “I want to get this character here with a car chase in the middle.” I’m usually just as surprised as the reader when I get through a section and think, where did that come from?

I love being surprised by my characters.. If someone wrote a movie about you, who would you like to play your character? Why?

Sandra Bullock, because she can do anything and make it great! I imagine a movie about me wouldn’t be all that entertaining, so she would be good to fill in the gaps! (As you can tell, I’m still stuck in the 90’s/early 00’s movie scene, I’m not sure I could name a new actress in a more modern film!)

There is nothing wrong with the 90s and early 00s movie scene. What is the most encouraging thing you’ve heard or experienced as an author?

I’ve had a person comment after reading Rainstorm that she loved the action in the beginning and that the questions about faith in the book were the same she had about God and life. It’s always about what God wants to put in the book and who He wants to speak to. That’s why I write!

What is your biggest challenge as an author?

Time. I want to write more, read more, learn more and there is only so much time in the day to do so! With kids at home that have their own activities and a full time job, I’m just trying to make time to type at least a little bit every day. God always gives me that empty day when I need it so I can binge write as much as possible! Scheduling can help carve out time on occasion, but honestly, its just an eluding figure that I chase all the time, like Peter Pan’s shadow, as it disappears with a new day.

I want to thank Cindy for joining us today. I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know her a bit better. Keep reading to find out even more and learn about Cindy’s newest book. And if you have a question or comment for Cindy, please drop it in the comments.

More About Cindy Bonds and Her Books:

Cindy Bonds lives in rural Arkansas where she works for an aviation insurance agency Cindy Bondsand spends her free time with her husband and children. In between kid’s ball games and gymnastics, she loves to read and work on her crafting skills.

Writing has become an outlet for her creativity and she is excited for her novel Fighter, the first in a three book series. You can check out Fighter on the link below and sign up for her newsletter at to keep up with all the new releases she has lined up! You can find her on Instagram @ authorcindybonds and on Facebook @cindybondsauthor, where she often holds drawings for chances to win a free book!

Back cover copy:

Bexley Bowers has lost everything during her 30 years on earth. Struggling to find her path, she’s targeted and kidnapped by a crazed terrorist.

Evan Mitchell retired from the Navy only to find himself back at work, clinging to his job with the Tactical Response Team. He meets Bexley while on assignment and a strange tug on his emotions leaves him scrambling. Bexley is too stubborn and too beautiful. He’ll never be able to get her out of his mind – especially now that he’s her protection.

When Bexley finds herself in trouble once more, can Evan and his team arrive in time?

Fighting the clock and their pride, Evan and Bexley must decide which is more important – their egos or their future.

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