What I’m Reading: Pancakes, Bacon & a Side of Murder

We all have one. Don’t deny it. There is an area we all find ourselves working and living in from time to time. We like it there. It is our comfort zone.

But sometimes life pulls us from our comfort zone. Or maybe it’s random friends that push us over the line. At times, even God give us that nudge to move from what we know into something a little less secure. It can be a good thing, a growing experience.

I find I have a comfort zone in my reading as well. I tend to stick with romance. The specifics of contemporary versus historical will vary. Drama versus comedy will vary. But that’s where my reading sweet spot ends.

But as it is in life, sometimes we need to venture from our sweet spot. The last book I read did just that. I’m not a suspense or mystery fan. A little intrigue and mystery snuggled deep within my contemporary or historical romance is acceptable. It’s rare I pick up a suspense or mystery, even the cozy kind.

This past week was one of those occasions. With a title like Pancakes, Bacon & a Side of Murder, by Keri Lynn how could I resist. I love pancakes. Bacon is also a favorite. Even if I’m not a fan of murder, my love of the best breakfast foods far outweighs that little issue. And the first couple sentences with their “let me tell you how it happened” vibe caught my attention.

I began reading. I won’t tell you much about the story. It’s about a murder. I don’t think with the book’s title that’s giving any sort of spoiler. And everyone needs to catch the murderer before someone else becomes the next victim. There’s a cafe and bakery owner, a yoga instructor, an insurance agent, a sheriff, a couple visiting YouTubers, and a few cowboys (who always make a good story even better!), plus a host of other towns people. Oh, and there’s a clown. Now don’t you wonder how they all fit together? The story’s tone reminds me of a Hallmark mystery movie. I like Hallmark, and if it’s about baking, I’ll even watch the mystery ones.

The Hallmark feel and the added bonuses of baking and breakfast foods means if this book was made into a movie, I’d most likely watch it with a bowl of popcorn. Being a book, I read it with a bowl of popcorn. Equally enjoyable.

The characters are fun. The town is a typical small town complete with town-wide holiday celebrations. There are even several “I can’t believe they did that” moments to make you chuckle, all while a murderer is on the loose. All in all, it was a positive walk outside my comfort zone, and I look forward to reading what comes next from this author.

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