What I’m Reading: Beautiful Warrior

Yes. That is my sword in the title photo. I have two. One looks like a three musketeers sword. This one is the closet I could find to the Dread Pirate Roberts’ sword without spending my entire life savings.

I considered fencing classes once upon a time. Imagine being able to quote the Princess Bride sword fight scene while actually knowing what you’re talking about and being able to execute the moves. That would be the epitome of cool.

But it’s not happened yet. I have two swords and zero ability to use them. Even if they didn’t have display edges, they would serve no use for me in defending myself. I’m not even sure how long I could hold the heavier one up.

They look good on the wall, but they serve no purpose. Sometimes that’s how we treat God’s word. Even though we’re told it’s sharper than a two-edged sword and listed as one of our vital pieces of spiritual armor, we set it aside for Sunday or a quick read each morning before we start the day.

That’s one of the many things I love about Beautiful Warriors by Tina Yeager. It was the subtitle that piqued my interest. “Finding victory over the lies formed against you.” I read the back and determined I had to purchase the book. I knew several other people I thought it might be good for, but I wanted to read it first.

“There is a BEAUTIFUL WARRIOR inside of you just waiting to emerge.” – Beautiful Warrior, back cover

In less than a chapter, I was hooked. The lessons weren’t for others. At least, they weren’t just for them. Demons I’ve faced, that I still face, looked up at me from the pages. The author’s examples read like she’d handpicked them from my life. And though she’s a licenses therapist, Tina Yeager doesn’t leave readers with tips from the counselor’s office.

Instead, she merges together practical tips with the most powerful weapon in our arsenal, God’s truth. Again and again, she points readers to scripture to reshape how they think about themselves. She gives them the one weapon that will never fail in the battle. The one that will never change or go out of style.

And then she shows readers real life ways to wield their weapon. Because the truth in God’s word is as useless as my swords without understanding how to use it.

The book is as easy to read as it is challenging to apply. It’s engaging and light in its presentation without skimping on the call for introspection and application. A reader doesn’t have to engage with the chapter ending questions, but they should. It’s in these questions that Tina Yeager shifts the theme of each chapter from idea to reality. The questions are where we see our need and where we learn what we still need to know to use the weapon of God’s truth to dismantle the lies we believe. Through this honest appraisal of the lies we believe, the truth of scripture, and the practical application we start emerging as the promised Beautiful Warriors just as God designed us.

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  1. Donna Stearns says:

    Looks like one I would be interested in reading. Thank you for sharing.