I think it’s time to make some changes. Change can be difficult. It can be scary as your results are not a guarantee. Change can also bring a freshness to what you do. Change can usher in new passion for a project and increase your drive to accomplish whatever you’re setting out to do.

In the last year, though I have at times been less than consistent, my blogging pattern has been fairly stable. Mondays are for Main Character and Full of Character Author Interviews. Wednesdays are Write Stuff entries focusing on writing and reading quotes I find inspiring or challenging. Saturdays have been reserved for devotional book reviews of whatever I’ve read that week.

My layout for the coming year will be similar, but I think some change would be good too. Mondays will still be Main Character and Full of Character Author Interviews. On the days I don’t have entries for those, I’ll post about some aspect of writing. Wednesdays will be the current Write Stuff Wednesdays every other week. On alternate weeks I’ll post Right Stuff Wednesdays. On these weeks, I will post a devotion relating to a scripture that has meant something to me. Saturdays will still be book reviews. However, instead of my typical devotional review format, I’m going to try more traditional book reviews.

I think these changes could be good. But I’m not the reader. What do you think of these changes? While you’re thinking about that, feel free to share about a time you made a change and it ended up being exactly what you needed.

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