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Usually on Main Character Monday I interview main characters from the books I review. I want to do something a little different with today’s interview. Instead of a character, I interviewed myself. It’s my way of letting you get to know me a little better. Feel free to comment, answer a question or two about yourself, or even ask me a question you might have.

What is your favorite book of the Bible from both the Old and New Testament?

I have a hard time narrowing it down for the Old Testament. I mean, it’s definitely not Leviticus or Numbers, but there are so many that I enjoy. Genesis is definitely in the running. I love that it reads like a story instead of an instruction manual.

From the New Testament, it’s Philippians without a contest. That book is so full of things I need to know for encouragement and strength. It’s gotten me through so many things in my life. I love Paul and his writings. 

If you could meet anyone from scripture, not including Jesus, who would it be?

I’d love to meet Paul. I’d ask him outright what his thorn in the flesh was. Personally, I have a theory that it’s the struggle not to wallow in guilt over the things he did in God’s name before he met God on the road to Damascus. I think that would be tough for anyone.

Jesus had twelve disciples. Which one do you feel you are most like?

I’d love to say Peter. I fail like Peter did. I may be a little impulsive like Peter was at times. But would I really have the kind of faith that would get me to step out of the boat in the storm? That I don’t know. I’d like to think so, but who really knows. So maybe I’m more a Thomas. He loved God. He followed Jesus. But sometimes he needed the proof to ward away doubt. I can relate.

Jesus says we are to be His light in the world. What does this mean to you?

It means I’m God’s 24/7. It means others may not ever step foot in a church, but they should have an accurate picture of who Jesus is if they’ve spent time with me because I live my faith on a daily basis. I know I fail at this, but I hope and pray I get better at it each day.

If you could give one message to those reading this interview, what would you tell them?

Because of sin, this life is full of pain, disappointment, and hurts. Instead of holding each other at arm’s length, let’s try being there for each other. Let’s be real with each other about what we’re dealing with. And on the flip side, when others are real, let’s not look down our noses at their pain. Instead, let’s practice coming alongside them and helping them through it. Let’s be the ones God can use to bring healing and strength.

Just for Fun:

Dark or Milk Chocolate? Milk. It’s smooth and creamy and there’s not even a hint of bitterness.

Roses or Daisies? Daisies. “They’re the friendliest flower.”

Salad or Soup? Depends on the day. I love a good salad. But tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich can’t be beat on a cold day.

A little more about me: I’m a mother of four. I’ve been involved in youth ministry for over twenty years, including leading youth groups and directing a youth camp for teens every summer. I have several geeky interests including super hero movies, Lord of the Rings, Sherlock, Merlin, Doctor Who, and Supernatural. I’d love to attend a comic-con one day, and yes, I’d do cosplay. My favorite author is Kristen Heitzmann, and I love the music of Rich Mullins. I enjoy many different types of crafting, but baking is probably my favorite hobby.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me!

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    The Conversation

  1. Frankie says:

    You and I have more in common than I thought…. except for tomato soup. Blech! I prefer potato! 🙂 You and Todd can tomato soup and grilled cheese buddies!

  2. believe4147 says:

    Something you might not guess…I think I identify with Christ’s disciple Philip.