Main Character Monday with a Twist

Each Monday, I introduce you to one character from the books I’ve read and reviewed. I interview these characters via their authors. But this week, it’s your turn. I’m going to pose a single question, and I want you to answer it. Only, don’t answer it as you. I want you to get into the mind of your favorite character from a Christian Fiction book that you’ve read. Answer the question in the way you believe that character would answer.

Leave your character’s answer in the comments section. (Authors: No choosing your own character. You know your characters. Today, you’re answering as any other reader would.) Also let us know what book the character is from and the author’s name. With everyone participating, we can all come away introduced to some new books to add to our To Be Read lists.

Come up with your own answer before you read anyone else’s replies. This will help you keep thinking like your character instead of thinking like yourself or anyone else. I’ll be participating too. You can find my character’s answer in the comments section.

Main Character Monday Question:

What is the single event you would change in your life, if you could?

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    The Conversation

  1. bythebook724 says:

    For years, I would have been able to answer this question in a heartbeat. Without hesitation, without a doubt, I would have said the one thing I would change in my life is that my high school sweetheart wouldn’t have destroyed our baby. Once I knew the truth that she’d given her up for adoption, the hurt was still there. Anger was definitely there. But then, I began to see all the little things that took me to the place I ended up. I saw how God used where I was, even when I was far from Him, to be able to help my child in ways I never would have been able to before. Instead of using my pain to push God and everyone else away, I let God use my pain to refine me. I’ve learned changing one little thing from my past would change everything about m present and my future. So, now, I know I wouldn’t change a thing. – Morgan Spencer – The Still of Night by Kristen Heitzman

  2. believe4147 says:

    I’m torn between two. Hadassah from Francine River’s “Voice in the Darkness” and Katie McGowan From Heather Greer’s “Faith’s Journey”.
    I would abandon my fear for faith in the risen Lord. My fear took me on a journey I would never have chosen nor dreamed. It left me completely alone until I finally had to choose between my fear and my faith. One would seek to take my life the other an enslaving freedom. In the end I would know the truth- Hadassah.
    I would have not believed the lies I told myself in trying to work out my own guilt of the sin in my life but embraced the freedom that comes in knowing the Lord’s forgiveness-Katie McGowan.