Cover to Cover – Part Two

In Cover to Cover – Part One, I posed a question. Which of the five covers shown is your favorite? (If you haven’t shared yet, stop reading. Go to Part One. Decide which cover is your favorite. Post it in the comments!) When I interviewed Diane Turpin about designing book covers, I bravely asked which covers were her favorite. I say “bravely” because Diane designed my cover. What if my cover wasn’t one of her favorites? Well, it wasn’t. But that’s okay. None of my favorite covers made her list. Why? Because we’re two different people.

SB-The-Copper-Box-Front-Cover-360x570When I saw the cover for The Copper Box, by Suzanne Bratcher, I was instantly drawn to it. The colors appeal to me, and the look on the woman’s face is intense, foreshadowing drama. I was intrigued by it. I wanted to read the story to find out what made this woman look like that.

not whatDiane chose to highlight two other covers. Her connections to them go beyond the images on front to the process she went through to get them to the finished product. She focused on a personal connection to the process of the covers’ creation. Her criteria for choosing a favorite is different than mine, but it’s no less worthy than my own sight based appeal.

Isn’t it amazing that we serve a God who not only understands our different personalities and preferences but also purposefully created them in us? That alone is a great gift, but it goes further than that. While salvation is one size fits all, with each person who comes to Him having to come by way accepting Jesus’ death and resurrection as the payment for their debt of sin, our relationships with God are each very personal.

All scripture is meant for each one of us. God promises that scripture is good for correction, teaching, and encouragement for all believers, not just ones with a certain personality. But even in this shared method of communication between us and God, He has not ignored our differences.

I relate to the verses that speak of Jesus going off alone for time with God. I’m drawn to them, because I’m a person who understands the need for silence. Imagining the kind of public life Jesus led wears me out. I can’t imagine how exhausting it had to be for Jesus to actually live that way!

My husband likes alone time sometimes, but he is really much more of a people person. He loves to be around people, and anyone he’s ever met is his friend. For him, the stories of Jesus teaching the crowds and attending dinner parties are probably more appealing. He can find himself in those stories.

Some people are drawn to praise filled verses. Prophecy entices others. I love the books that read like a story. Other people, though I couldn’t begin to guess who, may like to read the lists of laws or genealogies. Just because every word in scripture is meant for every one of us, doesn’t mean we aren’t attracted to one thing more than another.  And isn’t it great that our God has provided for us from cover to cover in His word.

By the Book: What is your favorite book of the Bible? Why is it your favorite? Share your answers and a favorite verse in the comments below.

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  1. believe4147 says:

    The gospel of John, I think. It is Jesus, Son of God, Lamb of God, Bread of life, Living Word, light of life, Living water and John says all he has written just barely scratches the surface. Jesus is the love of God personified in this account of His life manifesting the Father’s glory, for He and the Father are one and those who abide in Him are made one with Him. Yes, it’s the gospel of John.